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SUARA SERVEIS, SCCL, is a corporation registered in the Land Registry of Cooperatives, with the registration No. 7.928. Its address is Ronda Universitat, 22, B, 2ª de Barcelona (08007); N.I.F. F-17444225; email:

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Access to the website SUARA SERVEIS, SCCL and furthermore any information relating the products or services that it contains implies a acceptance of conditions of this legal notice. Likewise the information contained in these pages is accurate at present following its latest update. However, the information on products or services offered in this website is exclusively for guidance and in no way binding.

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The content of the website is protected by the law of Intellectual or industrial property. Therefore the contents, fonts, codes, design, pages, trademarks, trade names, brands, logos and product names, applications and tools are the property of SUARA SERVEIS, SCCL and distribution, modification, transmission, copying or use of the same must be authorized by SUARA SERVEIS, SCCL. It should be noted that violation of the protective rules of the Intellectual or industrial property includes, where appropriate, potential economic responsibilities or criminal accountability.


The information contained on this website is accurate on the date of its last update, therefore, there is no contractual obligation for SUARA SERVEIS, SCCL, but rather exposed informational purposes and does not constitute any offer to buy or sell any product or service.

SUARA SERVEIS, SCCL refuses to accept any responsibility for the misuse of the contents of its web pages and reserves the right to update, delete, limit or prevent access temporarily or permanently without notice. Also SUARA SERVEIS, SCCL, is not responsible for any information that is not produced directly by the organization, and in particular rejects any responsibility for the information contained on web pages that are accessed by (links).

Also, SUARA SERVEIS, SCCL, will not accept any responsibility for any possible security errors that may occur from the use of computers that might be infected by computer viruses, nor for any consequences that may arise from the malfunction of the search engine (browser) or for the use of non-updated versions.

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