About 50 professionals participate in Suara Open Centres


About 50 professionals participate in Suara Open Centres

27 September, 2017

Almost 50 professionals took part in the 6th edition of the Suara Cooperative Open Centres Day, which was held this September in the Sant Martí Open Center, in Barcelona. The appointment focused on new perspectives on socio-educational support.

In the course of the day, work spaces were included with short therapy, by Toni Piera, and Mindfulness by Georgina Badosa. Likewise, it was used to launch a blog, a new virtual work space for open centers managed by Suara Cooperativa. In this way shared synergies will be shared.

The appointment, which is held once a year coinciding with the beginning of the course, was highly welcomed and participated, and will be repeated in future calls.

Article by Laia Teruel and Natàlia Alonso in Suara’s blog.


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