European integration social enterprises claim social impact of their work


European integration social enterprises claim social impact of their work

30 December, 2013

ENSIE, the European Network of Social Integration Enterprises, highlights the task of work integration social enterprises (WISE) and its contribution to the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

In a session held at the European Parliament in Brussels on 14 November, WISE recalled the need to have adequate financial and technical support to enable them to move forward with their social work as well as the importance of legal recognition in all states of the European Union.

Representatives of labor integration companies across Europe demanded public authorities to create and maintain a favorable environment for the development and maintenance of socially responsible business that encourage the employment of people that are in a social exclusion situation.

The meeting, which brought together over 120 participants from twenty European countries and Switzerland, was attended by Sergi Morales, Expansion director at Suara Cooperative, ENSIE secretary and FEICAT representative. FEICAT is the Federation of Catalan Integration Enterprises, an entity to which Garbet Cooperative belongs.


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