Flashmob to claim the rights of homeless people


Flashmob to claim the rights of homeless people

29 November, 2017

The Homeless Care Network of Barcelona (XAPSLL) called last 23th November in plaça dels Àngels, Barcelona, a flashmob with the purpose to raise awareness of the situation of homeless people. The initiative, organized by Càritas Barcelona and XAPSLL, started with five minutes of silence and placed different clotheslines to hang up papers shaped like clothes and write in these the rights that they wanted to claim for homeless people.

The event, which included the reading of a manifesto, was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Social Rights of Barcelona City Council, Laia Ortiz, and the spokespersons of XAPSLL, Ricard Barrull and Maite Mauricio. The flashmob celebrates his seventh edition to make the situation of homeless people visible and claim for their rights.


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