Inauguration of the residencial complex in Horcajo de Santiago (Cuenca)


Inauguration of the residencial complex in Horcajo de Santiago (Cuenca)

1 March, 2016

The cooperative Convivir (Suara is a member) inaugurated on 27 February the housing complex that has been put into operation in Horcajo de Santiago (Cuenca), a support model designed from the cooperative model and as an alternative to conventional residential centers. The initiative was born from a group of senior citizens and people close to retirement who want to opt for active aging and taking as reference the idea of "cohousing" born in Denmark in the 70s.

Convivir has 65 apartments in a building of 7,000 square meters on a plot of 50,000 square meters. It has services such as laundry, dining room, nursing, physiotherapy, podiatry, gym, hairdresser, gardens and orchard, and it makes a firm commitment to plan leisure activities for residents intellectual or physical.

Suara, which takes over the management of the complex, is committed to this project being an initiative based on new models of co-management and to respond to new needs to anticipate the future from the proactivity.


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