Manlleu’s public kindergarten, Els Picarols, improves its facilities


Manlleu’s public kindergarten, Els Picarols, improves its facilities

18 March, 2014

Manlleu’s public kindergarten Els Picarols, managed by Suara Cooperative is improving its facilities. Throughout this course, the school has placed a new rubber flooring in areas of the yard that were previously coated with cement. Also, the bamboo gardens has been replaced with white cedars, thus improving playgrounds and making them richer and more secure for child.

Meanwhile, other areas of the school are also undergoing improvements: the center has created a new space in its vegetable garden, following the school sustainability philosophy.

In addition, new spaces for families has been also created in the school hall: the goal is to make parents more aware of the work that is done every day in the kindergarten with the students. In this new space, families will find educational articles and publications that may be of its interest.


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