New equipment in Barcelona for young migrants in vulnerability and street situation


New equipment in Barcelona for young migrants in vulnerability and street situation

22 November, 2017

Next Wednesday 29th November opens in Barcelona a new equipment for young migrants in vulnerability and street situation. This service works based in reception, accompaniment and inclusion of young people, daytime (from 9 am to 9 pm), 365 days a year, and has capacity to attend 25 young people simultaneously. The management will be the responsibility of a temporal companies union formed by Sant Pere Claver – Fundació Serveis Socials, Suara Cooperativa and Garbet Cooperativa d’Inserció.

The equipment, presented by the name of Dar Chabab (translated from Arabic means the House of Young People), is located in the neighbourhood of Fort Pienc in the Catalan capital responding to a latent situation of social emergency. From this summer, has been detected a monthly arrival to Catalonia of over 200 young people in a vulnerability situation. Most of them arrive to Catalonia after a migrant process which starts in the north of Africa. The service works since the beginning of the month, and this period has been useful to prepare the professional team with his coordination with the street educators, and have been programmed informative sessions to explain to the neighbourhood how the equipment works.

Personalized attention
The equipment has a multidisciplinary team of professionals which will personalize the attention attending to the needs of each young person, fixing objectives and establishing an individualized monitoring. The professional profiles are ready to confront each specificity of the project (educators and social integrators, specialized therapists, psychologist, psychiatry, nurse, workshop facilitators, etc.). The service offers a medical attention in the prevention and the treatment for consumption of toxic substances and mental health disorders, which occur among young people in a vulnerability and street situation because of migrant process. The House of Young People offers basic services of food and hygiene (showers, bathrooms and cleaning clothes service) and has been designed through a broad structure with cosy spaces and 360 square meters at street level, with the purpose to facilitate contact with young people.

Networking and open to environment
The service offers to young people an equipment and public and private services networking beyond Dar Chabab (primary attention centres, social services of the Council, hospitals, organizations which work with young people in risk of vulnerability, etc.). The equipment has a proactive attitude, it is opened to the environment and will programme permanent activities to promote a fluid relation with the neighbourhood. The House of Young People wants also to have a direct impact in the young people education, to establish a solid cohabitation and a proper functioning of the equipment.

Pilot character
The project has a pilot character. Three organizations operate the management ordered by the Social Service Consortium of Barcelona (participated for the Barcelona City Council and the Directorate General for Children and Adolescent Services). These three organizations are Sant Pere Claver – Fundació Serveis Socials, Suara Cooperativa and Garbet Cooperativa d’Inserció. The will of these three organizations is to have a proactive and opened attitude with the young people who will use the service and the relationship which will be established with the closest environment to the equipment. 


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