Suara Cooperative and Garbet will be in the fourth edition of Docus a la Fresca, in Blanes


Suara Cooperative and Garbet will be in the fourth edition of Docus a la Fresca, in Blanes

1 August, 2013

Victor Escoda, member of the Governing Board of Suara Cooperative, and Doris Logroño, Garbet president, will be among the participants in the roundtable on cooperatives that will take place tomorrow, August 2, during the cycle of documentaries Docus to the Fresca, that will be held in the town of Blanes, in Girona.

 During the first day of the festival, to be held tomorrow, will screen TOGETHER. How cooperatives can better resist the crisis, a documentary produced by CEPA – CICOPA Europe and focused on how cooperatives face the current economic crisis. The production, filmed in Poland, France, Italy and Spain, presents four examples of cooperatives, including the Basque Mondragon Corporation, and explores why cooperatives better withstand economic downturn situations and its consequences.

After the film screening, scheduled for 22 am in the Verge Maria square, in Blanes, will take place a videoforum with the participation Escoda and Logroño, together with other members of a cooperative which is centered on the production of organic products.

Prior to the screening of the documentary, between 5 and 10 p.m., Suara Cooperative and Garbet will have the opportunity to make known its activity through an informative stop that will be part of a small trade show focused on cooperatives and that will count with the participation of different entities.


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