Suara Cooperative participates in the II International Congress of Social Work


Suara Cooperative participates in the II International Congress of Social Work

7 January, 2014

Xavier Gascón and Lucía López, Suara Cooperative members and professionals of the educational team in the Residential Child-Care Center La Llar presented Suara Cooperative and the educational model that works in La Llar during the II International Congress of Social Work, held at the Deusto University (Bilbao, Spain) on December 10th and 11th.

Gascón and Lopez had the opportunity to present Suara Cooperative model as well as the work done in La Llar, a residential child-care center managed by Suara Cooperative that shelters young women between 16 and 18 who are supervised by the Catalonia’s Government. The center bases its work on an innovative model based on empowerment whose main objective is the training of young women for its adult life.

Throughout what has been the second edition of the Congress, focused on "Women’s empowerment as a social intervention strategy”, both professionals had also presented the specific programs Service-learning and Everyday Autonomy to social professionals from around Europe and Latin America.

The two educators describe its experience in the Congress as "very positive" because it allowed them to learn from more than 20 studies and experiences that are currently is working in Euskadi (Spain) and elsewhere.


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