The Balca starts its tenth anniversary celebration with the presentation of the school figure


The Balca starts its tenth anniversary celebration with the presentation of the school figure

7 November, 2014

The Banyoles Municipal Education Center La Balca, managed by Suara Cooperative celebrates this 2014 its 10 years of operation. The presentation of the new school capgròs (a carnival figure with an oversized head), which took place during the Banyoles fair, has been the starting point for the celebration. The new figure represents a balca -plant that blooms in Banyoles Lake- and will be part of the entertainment figures of the town.

Along with the presentation of the capgròs, the celebration of the tenth anniversary include a lecture open to all parents, scheduled for the first half of February 2015, as well as a training day.

The main events of the celebration are planned for the weekend of 17 – 19 April, with an open doors journey and an open food for families.

La Balca: an education project open to families and the environment
Inaugurated during the 2004-2005 academic year, the center currently has 79 nursery places, all occupied, and has very positive feedback from users: Laura Fàbrega, president of the La Balca Association of Parents, highlights the school education project, its proximity to families and the good level of its infrastructures.

In these ten years the school has assisted more than 750 families, strengthening an educational program characterized by its openness to the participation of families, working together with them, and its relationship with the environment.

Along with the nursery service, La Balca offers different care and support spaces for small children and their families. The center is also involved in different cooperative projects and in service-learning programs.


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