The Catalan Refugee Aid Comission visits a residence of Suara


The Catalan Refugee Aid Comission visits a residence of Suara

18 July, 2017

A group of 12 people from the Catalan Refugee Aid Comission (CCAR) visited last 12th July the Dovela Residential Centre of Suara Cooperativa, with the purpose to meet the service and the professional offer of these kind of centres. Furthermore, the visit offered a presentation of the organizations which work in this sector in the cooperative world, such as Suara Cooperativa, Garbet Cooperativa d’Inserció and Intermedia Foundation.

At the visit of this service of Suara Cooperativa, which has joined the campaign manifesto ‘Our house, your house’, the members of the group of the CCAR visited the facilities of the Dovela Residential Centre to discover different kinds of professionals which work in our country and our society. The visit, which was well valuated by the group, is part of an accompaniment service of the CCAR to the labor inclusion to immigrant and refugee people.


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