The Social Economy Association Catalonia has been constituted


The Social Economy Association Catalonia has been constituted

31 May, 2017

The Social Economy Association Catalonia celebrated her constitutive assembly last 2th May, where were approved the social statutes which rule this new organization. The organizations which have launched this organization are the Cooperative Confederation of Catalonia, the Business Confederation of Third Social Sector, the Solidarity Economy Networking, the Table Third Sector of Catalonia and the Mutual Federation of Catalonia.

At the constitutive assembly, which groups representative organizations of Social Economy in our country, has also been chosen the Directive Board for the next 4 years. Between its main objectives, the association wants to give visibility to social economy and project its values, to generate a collective discourse to the Catalan society and to influence in policies to defend the interests of social economy.

More information here.


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