The social organizations alert about the stigma of people who have been in prison


The social organizations alert about the stigma of people who have been in prison

10 November, 2017

In the framework of the conference ‘in perpetual solitary confinement: reflexion and debate about the penitentiary stigma’, celebrated last Thursday 7th November, the social organizations which work in the penal execution sector claimed in order to “realize the principle of a second chance” to people who have been in prison. Suara Cooperativa is a member of ECAS.

Meritxell Campmajó, member of the Penitentiary and Penal Execution Commission of ECAS, assured that “we can all together guarantee the right to equal opportunities of everyone, including people who have complied penal measures, have been able to access to the labour market, to housing and to health as citizens. Only in that way we will be able to avoid the reoccurrence of crime”.

The testimonies who participated in the round table about ‘The stigma in first person’, a man and a woman who serve a semi-open sentence, highlighted the necessity to know better the penitentiary reality. “It is very surrealist, you don’t understand anything and you aren’t psychologically ready. You feel yourself as a social plundering”, affirmed Marisol. Ricard Pinilla also affirmed that “it is like to die, but in a different way… you go inside another dimension” – and underlined the accumulated frustration.  

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