Imma Lluva. Suara Cooperativa Member

Suara's partner Imma Lluva has always been linked to the world of leisure's centers and social movements, and when she was young she had the opportunity to work as a volunteer at the Torre Baró Open Center. This experience, as she herself relates, pushed her to discard the  studies she had chosen, Tourism, and opt for Social Work. Se has maintained her motivation for business management over time, and currently she's the manager of Suara Inserció since a year ago, an entreprise which aims is to provide job opportunities to groups served from the different centers of the Cooperative.

Imma, who feels very fortunate to have grown personally and professionally within Suara, recognizes that her current job is a great opportunity to return to society all that has brought her to where she is now. Also, this Suara's partner, who feels strengthened when she is close to nature, family and friends, wants to continue to enjoy her passion for travel, a hobby that she herself believes helps to open her mind and choose with perspective the different vital paths. Do you want to know her life story?