Mohamed El Amrani. Suara Cooperativa Member

As a child, Mohamed El Amrani discovered that social inequalities are closer than we think. The member of Suara created the Coexistence Network of Roses at the age of 17, the city where he has lived all of these years. To him, it is crucial to act from the local field to eradicate inequalities. 

Mohamed was born in Chefchaouen and he feels immensely lucky to have these enriching origins: the Moroccan and the Ampurdanés one. His life story, who begins with the migration of their grandfathers to Catalunya, has led him to turn social activism, communication, and innovation in his three personal and professional main pillars. Nowadays, Mohamed works as a Project Manager of SuaraLab, the Social Innovation Laboratory of Suara. To him, the Cooperative has to be pioneering defending ethic values in the use of social technology. Do you want to know his life story?