The driving forces behind the promoter Més Espais are Fundació Seira, Suara Coopetativa, Previsora General, Grup Cooperatiu TEB and Sant Pere Claver Grup

The aim is for Social Economy entities to improve their financial capacity

Five entities of the Social Economy (Seira Foundation, Suara Cooperativa, Previsora ​​General, Grup Cooperatiu TEB and Sant Pere Claver Grup) come together to launch a common instrument to help finance social facilities to generate services and employment. Més Espais is a developer that aims to get buildings, plots or companies that own equipment to be able to rent them in the long term to social economy entities and the third sector.

The aim is that social entities do not have to bear the weight of the investment and can dedicate themselves to their mission, the provision of quality services. "The social economy competes against large multinationals with the ability to invest in equipment, so we had to find an instrument that would help us respond to it from our own values," explains Laura Peracaula, co-director general of Suara Cooperativa.

Més Espais accompanies each investment and for each project a promoter is constituted, a capital company ethically, socially and environmentally committed. "It is very important for social economy entities to have financing alternatives because it prevents us from making large initial contributions, borrowing excessively or having to deal with high interest rates," says Artur Feijóo, CFO of Grup Cooperatiu TEB.

For Carles Descalzi, general manager of the Sant Pere Claver Group, "it is important that the entities maintain the focus of our mission: to provide quality services to the groups we serve, and to do so with a commitment to the community".

"The mutual societies are an instrument of collaborative economy, we are associations of people who are also involved in achieving a more just and supportive society," said Jordi Busquet, Director General of Previsora ​​General, "and that is why this project is very exciting ”.

"From the point of view of the Seira Foundation, it is important to support social and cooperative economy projects that offer solutions for access to finance." This is how its president, Guillem Llorens, explains it, for whom one of the strong points of Més Espais is the intercooperation of social economy entities.

The formal presentation of Més Espais was made in an online event with the intervention of the economist and rector of Pompeu Fabra University, Oriol Amat, and the director general of Social and Solidarity Economy, the Third Sector and the Cooperatives of the Generalitat, Josep Vidal.

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