The Factor Humà Foundation organized last 11th February the 9th edition of the Meeting of Representatives and People Management 2020. The event was organized to meet the two winner organizations of the Factor Humà Awards 2019: Suara Cooperativa, winner of the Impacta Award, and the Buff textile company, recognized with the Factor Humà Mercè Sala Award.

The event was attended by the president of the Factor Humà Foundation, Manel del Castillo, the general manager of Buff, David Camps, and the Personnel Area Manager of Suara Cooperativa, Mònica Vázquez. The Impacta Award recognizes projects led by the People Management Area with a positive impact within the organization and granted by the Factor Humà Foundation. The recognition lies in the development and implementation by Suara of an online consultable guide aimed at the support of professionals who undergo a cancer process.