Suara Cooperativa successfully held the first General Assembly with a 100% virtual format on Saturday, November 21, fully adapted to the restrictions arising from the health crisis.

1,047 members had registered to exercise their right of participation. Active participation was guaranteed during the previous weeks, with a team of 90 volunteers and the organization of 23 online preparation spaces, along with support through video tutorials and technological training so that everyone could use the tools.

The assembly was monitored through a streaming broadcast with interventions and questions through the Ensuara’t platform, an adaptation of the Decidim Platform, the open source participatory platform promoted by the Barcelona City Council. The votes were made through the Appsamblea tool, a verified, secret and unalterable online voting system, with an anominat guarantee based on the Blockchain system.

Within the framework of this General Assembly there was also a partial renewal of the people who make up the Governing Council of the Cooperative: Nelly Amaral, David Cabero, Clara Fuentes and Jordi Masnou have joined, in a body in which Mariví Foronda Foronda, Núria Arnejo, David Gómez, Ricard Loka and Carla Valero maintain the position.