Àngels Cobo, new Suara Cooperativa’s CEO


Àngels Cobo, new Suara Cooperativa’s CEO

15 January, 2015

Àngels Cobo Puig is since this January the Suara Cooperativa’s CEO. With this appointment from de Board of Directors begins a new stage in the Cooperative, which coincides with the development of the strategic planning for the coming years. At this stage it has raised the need for a CEO focused on the needs of members and partners and a deep knowledge of the cooperative business model.

Angels Cobo replaces Ricard Fernández Ontiveros, who has been leading the cooperative since 2012, making it grow into new territories and new sectors. Suara thanks him for the job done, his time and dedication for his work.

The new CEO has so far been Director of Communication, Marketing and Innovation in Suara. A staunch defender of social enterprises and their values, she has worked in the cooperative sector since 1990. Cobo has a deep knowledge of the social services and education, where she has been working since 1986. Psychologist and enabled as Social Educator, she has worked with people with addiction problems in therapeutic rehabilitation centers and insertion homes, leisure, people with cerebral palsy and especially children at risk. She is trained in the fields of business management and social economy. She is involved with Suara since before its creation, in 2008, when three cooperatives merged.

Suara is an organization of professionals committed to the field of care for people with an accumulated experience of more than 30 years. It operates in the sectors of social services, education and training, staff welfare and employment and labor. Suara Cooperativa is member of Clade Group.