Completion of the research phase of the project "From prison to the community"


Completion of the research phase of the project “From prison to the community”

29 November, 2017

The project "From prison to the community", about social reintegration of prisoners, concluded at the end of October with a Conference with participants, mentors and members of the research team. This research project, in which participated the Vas Association - volunteer entity linked to Suara-, has been led by Antonio Andrés Pueyo, Professor and Chair of the Department of clinical psychology and Psychobiology of the UB, and Josep Cid, Professor of the Department of political science and public law at the UAB.

The project "From prison to the community" has counted with the support of the RecerCaixa program and have involved numerous voluntary members of the community, who have acted as mentors of participants and that have been coordinated by several organizations of the third Sector, as the solidarity Foundations from UB and UAB. Research has been carried out between 2015 and 2017 and has involved 125 mentors that have accompanied more than 300 former prison inmates.

The objective has been the experience of the return to the community of people who have passed through the prison and explore if to be accompanied by a non-professional mentor can improve their prospects of reintegration. If the expected results are achieved, the project wants to encourage that anyone who’s been in prison have a reintegration plan. Once the experimental part end, the project wants to focus on data analysis and the report writing.

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