FEDAIA calls for an increase in childhood investment


FEDAIA calls for an increase in childhood investment

20 November, 2013

Children’s welfare is still not a priority for most citizens, notes a paper presented by the FEDAIA, the Catalan Federation of Children’s and Adolescents Care and Education Entities to which Suara Cooperative belongs, underscoring the need to value childhood investments as an inversion and with profitability criteria.

Investing in policies that ensure the welfare of children in the short and long term, and that prevent the reproduction cycle of social exclusion, has to be a priority on the public agenda, not only for ethical reasons but because it is a benefit to society. This is the proposal of the FEDAIA on the International Children’s Rights Day, hold on November 20th.

Coinciding with the celebration of November 20th, the FEDAIA has presented a discussion paper prepared by the Sociology Professor Pau Marí – Klose, who insists on the need to make childhood a priority in public policy.

The document, entitled "New stories for new policies: the main challenge to fight child poverty" , – find it attached in the news, in Catalan – stands out that, despite the high rates of child poverty that are recorded in Spain and in Catalonia, this problem remains invisible. The proof is that none of the surveys done lists childhood poverty among citizens top concerns, unlike what happens with unemployment and evictions.

The text also discusses how the lack of specific policies that promote child welfare in Catalonia and Spain put these countries in the tail of the European Union in this matter, and believes that this can be one of the major problems for the country’s future. It also examines evidence that investing in childhood represents a significant saving for society.


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