Imagine mSocial: Suara's commitment to solve the needs of dependents


Imagine mSocial: Suara’s commitment to solve the needs of dependents

15 June, 2016

The program Imagine mSocial 2016 finished by the end of May after a month of intense work. Suara Cooperative led a team of four people, headed by the 'dreamer' Xavier Socoró. They worked to improve the home care for older people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. The result was a mobile application.

The team lead by Suara Cooperativa, formed by Jonathan Oliva (UPC), Xavier Socoró (Suara Cooperativa) and Carlos Manuel Guaman (Imagine Foundation), explained what SUAPP is: a mobile application (tablet) designed to give a personalized response to the needs of dependents and their caregivers: from as everyday as shopping to access support services and advice and all aspects related to home care actions.

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