Impulse to the labour reinsertion of vulnerable collectives


Impulse to the labour reinsertion of vulnerable collectives

27 February, 2018

The Pedrosa Business Association and the Table Third Sector of Catalonia valuated last 8th February the current digital reindustrialization, framed in the “Conference to the social connection. Drive occupation and social reinsertion”, celebrated in the Fira Congress Hotel at Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The meeting, the first of four conferences, address the social compromise of the business network in the current transformation of the economic model, which can generate “a new respectful occupation with territory and people”. 

The vice-president of the Table Third Sector, Sònia Fuertes, highlighted the meeting as “an opportunity to build a new economy and to establish new forms to advance with values”. Fuertes also highlighted the key role of the business network, close to the social organizations. The president of the association, Baltasar Pozuelo, also affirmed that the organiztions are each time “more humans”, and that the social value does not conflict with the economic benefits. 

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