SAEJ Girona explains his project at the FEPA conference 'Creating Tomorrow'


SAEJ Girona explains his project at the FEPA conference ‘Creating Tomorrow’

17 June, 2014

The Girona Specialized Accompaniment Service for Tutored Youth (SAEJ Girona, for its Catalan acronym), an ASJTET service managed by Suara Cooperative, has participated in the exchange of professionals that work with youth under tutelage.

The meeting, that has reached its fifth edition this year, has been organized by the Federation of Institutions with Assisted Projects and Flats (FEPA), together with the Baleares Federation of Care Entities for Children and Adolescents (FEIAB).

The conference, held on May 15th and 16th in Palma de Mallorca, was attended by 150 professionals from different entities involved in the work with young people in care and under tutelage or at risk of social exclusion.

Under the motto ‘Creating tomorrow. 5th exchange of professionals’, the conference was a framework for discussion on issues such as educational or emotional relationship or leisure and free time support networks.

During the meeting, Joan Carles Martín, SAEJ Girona manager, presented the SAEJ as an example of accompaniment to emancipation for young people in care and under tutelage. Martin also reviewed the emancipation and empowerment projects managed Suara Cooperative.