Sport, a great tool for working with youth


Sport, a great tool for working with youth

5 July, 2016

To celebrate the end of the course, the Llops del Taga Centre for Adolescents and Young football team, a Barcelona Càritas Diocesana service, has organized an indoor football tournament.

The competition took place on Friday 10 June in the Barcelona Pablo Ruiz Picasso Institute pitch, a space in which Llops del Taga football team train along the course and also where different matches are played.

The tournament was attended by four football teams, most of them from the neighbourhoods of Ciudad Meridiana, Torre Baró and Vallbona. Two of the invited teams were formed by neighborhood young people who participate in a sports project for people with disabilities. Throughout the course Llops del Taga and these teams had already held various friendly matches and ties between them are positive.

The Llops Taga Center football team is a sports project born under the centre educational program aimed at working sports and healthy habits.