Suara calculates the social balance of 2017 to assess the contribution generated to society


Suara calculates the social balance of 2017 to assess the contribution generated to society

7 June, 2018

Suara Cooperativa has calculated and published for the first time the social balance, which is part of the management report and annual accounts that were approved by the Ordinary General Assembly, which was held at the Palau Firal i de Congressos de Tarragona on 2 of June. The sustainability report “We create social value” has just been published and can be found on the web. The social balance of Suara allows to estimate the value generated in society, beyond the economic impact. In this way, the social value that the activity contributes to the different interest groups is quantified, the stakeholders are accountable and it has been integrated as a decision-making tool.

For the elaboration of the social balance, the methodology promoted by Dr. José Luis Retolaza of the University of Deusto and his GEAcounting team has been used. This objective methodology visualizes the value created by an organisation, according to the valuation provided by the group of its stakeholders: the result is the Integrated Social Value.

Beyond the contribution to society measured from the social balance, the year 2017 was a year of growth in the number of cooperative members (from 1,074 to 1,143) and in number of jobs (from 3,284 to 3,977). These increases were due to an increase in the number of projects managed by Suara (221 services in 2017) and the number of people attended (44,208 people in 2017).
On the other hand, the revenues of Suara Cooperativa in 2017 stood at € 84,772,966, achieving a growth of 10.23% in relation to the previous year. The financial solvency of the Cooperative was also strengthened, and own funds were increased to € 16,977,773.
The tenth anniversary of the creation of Suara, through the merger of three cooperatives, takes place this Thursday, June 7. On the occasion of this event, the last General Assembly gave it a special relevance, through a testimonial video of this trajectory and a celebration lunch with the members. The celebration of the 10 years will be extended until the end of the year with several events for internal and external audiences of the Cooperative.
In the field of cooperative management, the General Assembly of June 2 served to complete two and a half years of work that have served to update the Social Statutes to the new Law of Cooperatives of Catalonia and the in-depth revision of the Regulations of the Internal Regime of Suara, based on a participatory process with the members and partners of the Cooperative.
The members of the Governing Board were also partially renewed: the members Nuria Arnejo, Mariví Foronda, David Gómez, Ricard Loka and Carla Valero began a four-year term. The Governing Board is completed by four people who remain in charge: Montserrat Pujol, Xavier Dachs, Trini Giralt and Esther Mateu.
The General Assembly of June 2 in Tarragona was attended by Francesc Roca, Councilor for Education, Employment and Economic Development of Tarragona City Council, and Ester Cabanes, Head of the Child and Adolescent Care Service of the Ebro Lands.