Suara Cooperativa travels to Chile in its first international market research trip


Suara Cooperativa travels to Chile in its first international market research trip

20 August, 2013

Between the 22nd and 26th of July Suara Cooperative made its first international commercial prospecting trip: during five days, Sergi Morales, Expansion director at Suara Cooperative, and Anna Monells, Strategic Projects director, were able to visit and meet with various representatives of state and local organizations and also with entities related to children, youth, the disabled, women and the elderly.

This first trade mission, carried out with the support of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy and the consultants of the Catalonia’s Government internationalization program ACC1Ó, has allowed a deeper understanding of the country and also the identification of the care sector needs that any Chilean company or organization covers: "It was a trip full of positive surprises, we have many opportunities in Chile that should be studied," says Morales.

With a population of 17.5 million people, Chile is a country with a strong economic growth and a rising middle class. Currently, 17% of Chilean citizens are over 60 years, and it is expected that the population of this age will grow significantly during the coming years. Despite this situation, the public services offering covers only the population living in a poverty situation, while the existing private supply is directed at the wealthiest classes, at very high prices, a situation that generates a huge demand for quality services at affordable prices for the middle class: "It is in this sense that Suara may have a way to go, especially in the private health care services for the elderly such as residences, day care centers, home care services …," explains Monells.
Also, Chile is considered a gateway to the Latin American market, especially for countries like Colombia or Peru, states that follow the same development policies of Chile.