Suara discusses ethics at the service of organizations with events in Lleida, Amposta and Girona


Suara discusses ethics at the service of organizations with events in Lleida, Amposta and Girona

11 July, 2018

The tenth anniversary of Suara Cooperativa approached the debate on ethics at the service of the organizations with three days of debate held in Lleida, Amposta and Girona in June with experts and practical experiences.

The debate in Lleida call was headed by the conference "The ethics applied to organizations" by the professor of social services of the University of Lleida Xavier Pelegrí, along with the experiences of the Department of Social Welfare of the City Council of Lleida (Anna Piñol), Sant Joan de Déu Lleida and Allem Federation (Toñi Segura), Acudam Association and Allem Federation (Ester Temprado) and Suara Cooperativa (Susanna Benabarre).

In Amposta, the paper was given by the member of the Research Ethics Committee of the Ramon Llull University, Jesús Vilar, accompanied by the experiences of Apasa (Núria Ferré), Atzavara-Arrels (Daniela Mansilla) and Suara Cooperativa (Maite Mauricio). The institutional opening was carried out by the mayor of Amposta, Adam Tomás.

Finally, in Girona the initial talk was given by the member of the Committee of Ethics Applied to the Social Services of Catalonia Joan Canimas. The experiences gathered were those of the Alt Empordà County Council (Gloria Pla), Josep Trueta Hospital (Pilar Galeas) and Suara Cooperativa (Mercè Busquets).

"Ethics are present among us from the beginning and now what we do is give it a new impulse, to have it more present in the day to day, to make it more aware when it comes to acting, to strengthen and consolidate our way of being. the explicit inclusion of ethics in our statutes, we are showing the firm will that ethics is not for Suara a conjunctural issue, an instrument that we can dispense when the proper circumstances are not given, but that we are determined and determined to be a Unequivocal present and future characteristic of the way we understand our activity and our way of interacting with others and with our environment, "as it was collected during the presentation proceedings.