Suara joins the campaign 'Our house, your house' for the reception of refugees


Suara joins the campaign ‘Our house, your house’ for the reception of refugees

20 January, 2017

Suara Cooperative has joined the campaign manifesto 'Our house, your house' an information, awareness, mobilization and political pressure campaign in favor of welcoming refugees and migrants, both those waiting at the borders and those that are here. The manifesto urges the institutions to act because Catalonia is a land of welcome.

"We want to welcome people who are fleeing wars, hunger, and political persecution, persecution for their beliefs or for reasons of sexual orientation. But we also want to welcome those who are already here and who are still struggling to lead a dignified life.  We want to tell all of those people: casa nostra és casa vostra – our home is your home, as written in the campaign website.

More information here.