Suara meets with social entities from across Europe


Suara meets with social entities from across Europe

22 October, 2013

Between the 13th and 15th of September, Suara Cooperative has traveled to Podkarpacie, a southeastern Poland region, invited by the organization of the 1st Social Economy Fair in the area. The trip has enabled the cooperative to know what is the social services state in this European country and also to establish contact with some European socials institutions.

Mònica Vàzquez, operating chief of Personnel department at Suara, and Elisenda Xifre, director of the Local Area, were responsibles for introducing the Suara Cooperative project to members of the Polish Administration and Polish companies, and also to members of social organizations from across Europe.

Vàzquez and Xifre also had the opportunity to know social initiatives of different countries and to establish a first contact with their representatives: the Polish Association for Regional Cooperation, the also Polish Association for Social Cooperatives, the European Network of Social Integration Enterprises, the Belgian SACE aSBL, the Portuguese consulting Alto Fuste Lda., or Trinijove Foundation, from Barcelona, among others, were the entities with whom Xifre and Vázquez could exchange views and experiences about the organization of social entities or projects orientation.