Suara's participation in the international day of Banking with Values of Barcelona


Suara’s participation in the international day of Banking with Values of Barcelona

28 November, 2017

The director of Finances of Suara Cooperativa, Joan Carles González, participated on November 23 as a speaker at the debate table "Private organizations: pros and cons when it comes to collaborating with the Bank with Values", in the framework of the International Banking Values Day, held at the Barcelona Activa headquarters, organized by the Commissioner of Social Economy, Local Development and Consumption of Barcelona City Council and the Global Alliance for Banking on Values.

The conference included banking entities, companies, public administrations and third sector agents and the social economy to discuss challenges and find solutions, based on the analysis of success stories of transition to ethical and more sustainable banking.

On behalf of Suara, Gonzalez explained that one of the policies of the Cooperative is “the commitment to ethical banking and to allocate some of the deposits to these entities to promote the social economy.” From the Cooperative, it is usually working “with entities such as Fiare or Triodos to finance own projects for other projects in intercooperation”. This is the case, for example, of the Cooperativa Creixen Educació (Escola Sant Gervasi Cooperativa, Suara Cooperativa and Abacus Cooperativa), which recently signed a loan of 1.2 million with Fiare to make investments at the Goar school in Viladecans. For González, “Ethical banking has improved and grown a lot”, which means “the possibility of financing larger projects, and it is easier to collaborate with entities with whom values ​​are shared.”