The importance of art in kindergarten


The importance of art in kindergarten

2 March, 2017

The Manlleu Kindergarten Els Picarols has launched a new art project. The initiative comes as a result of a joint reflection on the importance of spaces in children's education carried out by the educational team of Els Picarols and the Vic University researchers on Early Childhood Education, Berta Vila and Francesca Davoli.

Based on the pedagogical reflections carried out jointly, the educational teams of Els Picarols has designed a new space designed specifically to work the artistic expression of children, an environment that invites to create, to imagine and to develop.

"Before we started working on the creation of this new space, we think on many items: What do we want to happen in this art environment? How do we want it to happen? When do we want it to happen? As we went on answering all these questions we were giving shape to the new space of art," explains Noe Vallejo, director of Els Picarols, managed by Suara Cooperativa.

The new space is divided into two different environments: one focused on sculpture and another more focused on painting. Each week, a small group of children enter the space with an educator. When they arrive, the children find on the table a proposal previously created by the educational team of the center, and they start to create using the different materials proposed with total freedom.