The Local Family Guidance Service of Girona, managed by Suara, has given over 700 families this year


The Local Family Guidance Service of Girona, managed by Suara, has given over 700 families this year

17 July, 2012

The Family Guidance Service of the Province of Girona has attended a total of 722 families. It is a service through the area of Social Action, is available to municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants. To enjoy it, it is sufficient to meet a group of parents who are interested to learn and discuss their children's education.

The service is free, and not directed only to those families who may have a child with problems, but is universal and open to all parents interested in educating their children. Educational standards and provides guidance, and resolution of conflicts and doubts.

During the last academic year 2011-2012, the service has offered three options, not mutually exclusive (school, parents, individual service and telephone service), and was conducted in 37 municipalities. Among the participants, there has been derived which came from 22 municipalities (in which parents were interested but were not a sufficient group).

Of the 722 families who have benefited from the service, 605 have participated in school and parents. The assessment that the families have made the service is very high: 9.46 for a maximum 10 points.

Looking to next year (2012-2013), the budgetary difficulties forced them to reduce service and individual telephone service and concentrate everything on a website through which try to resolve the doubts individual families that may arise, and to give individual advice and support.

The school and parents remains the same approach this year, and with the new contract will be offered in 32 municipalities, most of the derivatives.

The balance of the Family Guidance Service of the year 2011-2012 was presented July 12 by Deputy Social Action of the Council of Girona, Imma Colom, and the representative of Suara Cooperativa, Joan Molinet, to the councilors of the municipalities that use it.