VIDEO: Suara, added to Barcelona Cooperativa project


VIDEO: Suara, added to Barcelona Cooperativa project

16 March, 2017

The project Barcelona Cooperativa has included Suara as a social initiative business of the city. It is an initiative in the area of Labour, Economics and Strategic Planning of the City of Barcelona. As part of this initiative you can learn more about what Suara and what does it do, with the help of a video produced by the City Council following the visit in Suara of first deputy mayor, Gerardo Pisarello.

Information about Suara in Barcelona Cooperativa website: “Working in a cooperative is the most logical way to work”

Access to the video: Suara, a ‘Barcelona Cooperativa’

Barcelona Cooperativa has been conceived to provide support for all social and solidarity economy initiatives in the city. Because they enable democratic management and participation in the economy and in business. Because they are initiatives designed to serve people. Because they are committed to the community and help to improve society, creating jobs, offering services and links to the local territory and collaborating in socially transforming movements. Because we want Barcelona to be a better city.

There are 4,800 cooperative, social and solidarity initiatives in Barcelona, and they are responsible for about 8% of employment in the city. By striving for the common good, working democratically and contributing to the creation and equal distribution of wealth, they are a major benefit to the community. The First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello, is visiting the cooperative and social enterprises and organisations in Barcelona to highlight these diverse ways of developing the city’s economy. This site is designed to help an economy at the service of people to take root, by publicising the differentiating features of each one.