Poverty and inequalities increase in Catalonia after two years of slight improvements

After the decrease between 2014 and 2016, inequalities re-grow in Catalonia. Gini and S80/20 are the two main indicators, and are reflected in the tenth edition of the INSOCAT report ‘Precarious work, exclusive housing and lack of social investment’.

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Suara amb la Igualtat de gènere

Avui, Dia Internacional de la Dona, des de Suara volem manifestar el nostre compromís per la igualtat de gènere.
Les dones, pel simple fet de ser-ho, han d’afrontar innumerables problemes de discriminació, violència de gènere o manca de reconeixement. Per això, la violència de …

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Suara’s justice projects, at Firactiva’t

Suara Cooperativa was present on February 20 and 22 at Firactiva’t, the fair of activities and good practices in the field of criminal execution that took place at the Center for Legal Studies and Specialized Training of the Department of Justice.

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Common front between the Bureau and the Forum of local trustees to defend social rights

The Bureau of the Third Sector and the Forum of local trustees of Catalonia, which groups over 40 local defenders, have decided to face the joint work of both organizations to defend and to guarantee social rights from the local field.

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Suara explains at the Saló de Cent in Barcelona the accompanying guide for people with cancer and the experience of social supercases

Suara Cooperativa actively participated on Monday, February 11, in the ceremony of delivery of the 13th Prize Ignasi Fina of Occupational Health granted by the City of Barcelona and that took place in the Saló de Cent. Suara explained the guide to accompany people with cancer in the Cooperative, with …

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The digital transformation of the cooperatives, at the fair of La Candelera in Molins de Rei: the case of Suara

Suara Cooperativa was present at the Candelera Fair in Molins de Rei on Thursday, January 31, 2019. It was a complement to the conference “The impact of digital transformation on cooperatives” by Genís Roca, founding partner and president of RocaSalvatella, expert in strategy and digital transformation. Tomàs Llompart, …

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Suara’s contribution to boost Barcelona’s international positioning

Suara Cooperativa has actively participated in shared work in a coordinated manner with 170 actors from the city, between institutions, companies, organizations, cooperatives and professionals to give a new impetus to the international positioning and reputation of Barcelona. This Wednesday, January 30th, the public presentation was made with the intervention …

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Suara joins the new Board of Social Entities of Salt to promote networking

The entities of the third sector of Salt, among which there is Suara Cooperativa, have created the Board of Social Entities of Salt, the TESS, to work in a network for the citizenship of the municipality and to generate spaces for action and coordination among the entities. Thus, the Bureau …

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