The General Co-Director of Suara, Laura Peracaula, will take part in the Catalonia 2022 working group

Laura Peracaula, general co-director of Suara Cooperativa, will be one of the 30 people who will form part of the Catalonia 2022 strategy working group, in which the Government of the Generalitat has given the green light. The group will work to draw the future after the current health crisis.

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Suara adheres to a manifesto against elder abuse coinciding with Covid-19

Suara Cooperativa is one of the 58 organizations that have signed the manifesto to denounce discrimination against older people. The current crisis caused by the Covid-19, which affects all citizens, shows, once again, the abuse suffered by older people. A discrimination or old age, and an abandonment that has a …

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Suara launches a free online service to provide emotional and physical support during confinement

Suara Cooperativa has launched a new online service that offers free sessions of psychology, coaching and physiotherapy. The Suara at home project is activated coinciding with the confinement linked to the state of alarm for the health pandemic due to Coronavirus to give emotional and physical support to people in …

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Suara enables a special website with information about Coronavirus and a citizen service phone

Suara Cooperativa has enabled a special web page on Coronavirus ( to provide service information on the state of alarm and recommendations to citizens, especially geared towards the period of confinement. The portal includes articles and videos aimed especially at childcare and the elderly, as well as …

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Suara has published a special website to inform about coronavirus and the social sector

Suara Cooperativa has launched a special website for the Coronavirus pandemic and alarm status declaration. It collects current information on the main administrative measures affecting the day to day life, as well as recommendations for children and young people, the elderly or advice for home office, among others.

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Suara participates at the supportive walk Magic Line

A group of people from Suara participated on 1 March in the seventh edition of Magic Line, a supportive walk to collect funds for the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. People from Suara participated within the framework of the Sumem Salut project, formed jointly with the rest of Clade …

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Suara participates in the meeting of representatives and managers of Factor Humà Foundation

The Factor Humà Foundation organized last 11th February the 9th edition of the Meeting of Representatives and People Management 2020. The event was organized to meet the two winner organizations of the Factor Humà Awards 2019: Suara Cooperativa, winner of the Impacta Award, and the Buff textile company, recognized with …

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Minister Chakir El Homrani inaugurates a residential home to people with intellectual disabilities in Sant Boi de Llobregat

The Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Families, Chakir El Homrani, and the Mayor of Sant Boi de Llobregat, Lluïsa Moret, inaugurated yesterday the first public residential home for people with intellectual disabilities in the municipality of Baix Llobregat. The residential home, managed by Suara Cooperativa, is adapted to …

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