Suanity’s home-based medical services are now part of Suara Cooperativa

The medical services company Suanity has integrated its activity within Suara Cooperativa. Suanity was promoted in 2016 and has deployed personalized programs for health at each stage of life and depending on the individual needs of each person and their family, to complement the activity of the services of attention …

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Suara adheres to the manifesto to stop ill-treatment of elderly people

Suara Cooperativa has adhered to the manifesto of the “Movement to Stop Abuse of the Elderly”, coinciding with the commemoration of the World Day of Conscience on the Abuse of the Big People, on June 15. Here you can read the full content:

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Suara and Garbet receive the label Làbora

Suara Cooperative and Garbet Cooperativa d’Inserció received on 13th May in Barcelona and for the third time, the seal that certifies the companies as a members of Làbora. It is a recognition granted by the City Council for their participation and commitment to hiring the groups at risk …

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Suara is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals

Suara Cooperativa makes a clear commitment to work related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the Organization of the United Nations (Agenda 2030). In his day to day, through the activity of care services for people, he works with the aim of achieving the goals End of poverty, Health and …

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The Minister of Digital Policies praises Suara’s commitment to social innovation

Jordi Puigneró, the Minister of Digital Politics of the Generalitat, visited the headquarters of Suara Cooperativa on April 24 to get to know first hand the initiative of SuaraLab, the social innovation laboratory, accompanied by the general director of Digital Society, Joana Barbany. Puigneró praised Suara’s commitment: “We are facing …

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The municipal children’s school Els Picarols de Manlleu travels to Italy to learn about new educational models

The municipal children’s school Els Picarols in Manlleu took part from March 18 to 21 on a trip to visit new educational models in Italy. It is an initiative promoted by the Antoni Pous Institute of Manlleu, where students have created a learning and service project based on the search …

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Zigor Ezpeleta (Mondragón) in Suara: “Normal people do extraordinary things”

The director of social management of Mondragón Corporate Center, Zigor Ezpeleta, delivered on 20 March at Suara Cooperativa the conference “People, leadership, participation and future”, within the framework of one of the spaces of corporate participation of Suara. Ezpeleta, representing the main cooperative group of the State, defended in …

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Incorporation of Suara to the work group of companies of to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals

To respond to the challenges of sustainable development from a committed business vision, a group of very diverse companies (including Suara Cooperativa) have created a working group in the framework of the business association It is intended to address the challenge of integrating the Sustainable Development Goals, which …

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