Suara Cooperativa relieves the general direction and is committed to a model of colliding

The general management of Suara Cooperativa will follow a new model of collideration from the 1st of October. Laura Peracaula and Tomàs Llompart, deputy directors of business and corporate respectively, will be the general co-director of Suara Cooperativa. They will take on the relief of Àngels Cobo, who has …

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Suara Cooperativa served 46,596 people in 2018, 8% more than the previous year

The activity of Suara Cooperativa grew during the year 2018 and attended 46,596 people, 8% more than the previous year. In parallel, jobs increased (from 3,977 to 4,219) and the number of partners (from 1,143 to 1,117). The number of managed projects (221 to 230) …

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Suara wins the Impacta 2019 Award from the Factor Humà Foundation

Suara Cooperativa has been the winner of the Impacta Award that recognizes projects led by the People Management Area with a positive impact within the organization and granted by the Factor Humà Foundation. The recognition lies in the development and implementation by Suara of an online consultable guide aimed at …

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10 years of the Specialized Accompaniment Service for Young Persons Guarded and Extorted in Girona

The specialized accompaniment service for young people in charge and extuteladas of Girona (SAEJ Girona) held on May 23 the 10th anniversary of its opening. The act of celebration was chaired by the Director General of Child and Adolescent Care, Ester Cabanes, who stressed that the act meant “the 10 …

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Nearly a hundred young people who have emigrated alone participate in the mentoring program of the Generalitat

25 children who have migrated alone to Catalonia met on Thursday, June 20, the volunteers with whom they will form a tandem within the framework of the mentoring program promoted by the Generalitat. They are men supervised by the DGAIA who reside in centers and flats of Barcelona and several …

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Suanity’s home-based medical services are now part of Suara Cooperativa

The medical services company Suanity has integrated its activity within Suara Cooperativa. Suanity was promoted in 2016 and has deployed personalized programs for health at each stage of life and depending on the individual needs of each person and their family, to complement the activity of the services of attention …

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Suara adheres to the manifesto to stop ill-treatment of elderly people

Suara Cooperativa has adhered to the manifesto of the “Movement to Stop Abuse of the Elderly”, coinciding with the commemoration of the World Day of Conscience on the Abuse of the Big People, on June 15. Here you can read the full content:

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Suara and Garbet receive the label Làbora

Suara Cooperative and Garbet Cooperativa d’Inserció received on 13th May in Barcelona and for the third time, the seal that certifies the companies as a members of Làbora. It is a recognition granted by the City Council for their participation and commitment to hiring the groups at risk …

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