Employment and work


“The right to employment is a universal right, which we want to work towards actively within our possibilities and with the tools we have.” (Member of Suara)

We provide answers for people in need of counselling, guidance and training to continue growing in the sphere of employment and, at the same time, we offer integration services for more vulnerable people in the market, and we make it possible thanks to professionals who work with passion and commitment and to the institutions who fund our projects.

Intermedia Foundation

      The Intermedia Foundation set up by the Surt Foundation, the Ires Foundation and Suara Cooperativa is an authorised employment agency which is intended to cater for the two main groups of interest: people with employability needs and businesses who require professionals.

It offers:

  • COUNSELLING, guidance, training and development for people in their professional careers.
  • A WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES TO BUSINESS, catering for the accumulation and development of the knowledge capital that can make them sustainable and competitive.

Fundació Intermèdia

Garbet Cooperativa d'Inserció

Garbet is an inclusion cooperative promoted by Suara Cooperativa.

We centre on those people in a position of greatest vulnerability for accessing formal employment circuits and promote their employment integration. We work at basic and specific training for each of the professional profiles and offer them individual accompaniment.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that people can find work outside Garbet, but, at the same time, being an inclusion company with a cooperative formula, they have the chance to become members of Garbet itself once the accompaniment has run its course.