Personal welfare


“I’m proud of the work I do because of what I contribute, what it does for me and because relations with the people being cared for are excellent.” (Direct care professional)

Today’s society needs answers for all those people who can not lead an entirely normal daily life, whether because of illness, age, loss of functional abilities, etc.

We at Suara start with the person’s dignity, rights, interests and preferences and rely on their effective participation to manage services that answer to these needs. We do so with profound respect for each person’s system of values and beliefs and maintaining their own way of life.

We provide them with whatever will contribute to their well-being and help them carry out emotionally, physically and mentally beneficial activities to improve their life quality.

Home Care

The main activities are personal care and attention, housework, social and family support and relations with the environment. Other than this, when necessary, we also include a tele-caring service, deep cleaning, home meals, functional recovery treatments, emotional and psychological support or support in health monitoring.

On the basis of the wishes and needs of the person and the family, we establish joint strategies for action so that people can remain as long as possible in their usual social environment and in the best possible conditions.
• SAD Abrera• SAD Alt Empordà
• SAD Barcelona (Districts: Ciutat Vella, Sants-Montjuïc, Les Corts, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Horta-Guinardó i Nou Barris)• SAD L’Hospitalet de Llobregat
• SAD Lleida (UTE Suara-Clanser)• SAD Mollet del Vallès
• SAD Olesa de Montserrat• SAD Pla de l’Estany
• SAD Sant Boi• SAD Sant Cugat del Vallès
• SAD Terrassa

Facilities for old people

  • ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES WITH SPECIALIST UNITS providing round-the-clock care for old people 365 days a year and a substitute home.
    • Assisted Residence Pla de Martís Assisted Residence Pla de Martís (Esponellà) • Residence, Day Center and House La Trinitat

  • DAY CENTRES providing support for old people who need organisation, supervision and care in their day-to-day activities and complementing the attention offered by the family.
    • CD Can Vargas (Ripollet)• Day center for elderly de Vilafranca del Penedès
    • CD Santa Perpètua (Santa Perpètua de Mogoda)• CD Trinitat Nova (Barcelona)
    • CD Vallirana• CD Trinitat Vella (Barcelona)
    • Services Center Josep Tarradellas (El Papiol)• El Mil•lenari (BCN)

  • SUPERVISED HOUSING for old people who are autonomous but whose social and family circumstances mean they can not remain at home.
  • HOUSING WITH SERVICES adapted to the needs of these people as regards mobility and accessibility, and with support services (health, food, etc.) they may need at some point according to their individual situation and autonomy.
  • OTHER MEASURES TO GIVE VISIBILITY AND SUPPORT TO OLD PEOPLE, such as measures to promote autonomy and attention to dependence, mutual assistance groups, emotional support, care for carers, etc.

Support needs

We work to improve the life quality of people with functional diversity or with addictions, and also of the families who accompany and care for them. In this respect, we offer services covering basic needs, social support and support for these people’s health and rehabilitation, measures to promote these people’s autonomy and also, if necessary, support for the people who care for them.

In addition, for people with some kind of addiction, we also manage initial and residential caring services and day care.