Who we are

Professionals with commitment

Suara Cooperativa is a social economy company with more than 35 years of experience in the care fore people sector.


Suara aims to transform the social environment, improving the situation of people with quality services rooted in the region, promote their welfare and growth, from a cooperative business project.



Transforming ideas into projects and the incorporation of technology in our business and ensure maximum efficiency are key issues of the future.


The cooperative activity works around people: professionals, people served, customers and partners..


The democratic management of the cooperative, networking with external stakeholders and enhancing the empowerment of all people linked to Suara.

Socially responsible

Committed to the environment, regional development, employment generation and reinvestment of surplus corporate.

People attended

Currently, SUARA COOPERATIVA attends more than 46,000 people in Catalonia (year 2018).

Management model

Protagonists in their own life project

We work on the basis of respect, trust and transparency, focused on every dimension of human well-being: personal, relational and social. Each individual is the protagonist in their own life project.

Committed professionals

Our professionals are flexible, open to change, involved in their surroundings, committed to their professional tasks, looking for innovative answers and working on the basis of trust and common support.


The professionals form a team in which each one of us contributes our professional expertise democratically and participatively and is part of an interconnected network of teams and the surroundings.

Responsible management

Our main focus is a collaborative networking based on a cooperative model and on corporate social responsibility. We support and adhere to quality management and innovation, to communication, financial control and technical and technological improvement of our work.