Suara bets on intercooperation between other companies and organizations alliances, following one of the fundamental bases of cooperative societies.

The inter-cooperative work allows to start up the following enterprises:

Garbet is an insertion company who bets on socio-occupational integration of people who are in a social exclusion situation or present a high risk of being excluded. Suara Cooperativa is a collaborating partner of Garbet. Focusing on a non-profit cooperative company of associate work and social initiative. Provides cleaning, building maintenance and assemblies, industrial laundry, building rehabilitation, environmental hygiene and facilities management services. Promotes labour integration with an individual assistance.

Intermedia is a Foundation who specially attends people at risk of social and labour exclusion, promoted by IReS Foundation, Surt Foundation and Suara Cooperativa. Intermedia has a long social activity career to improve the occupation and is certified as an employment agency. Works as a professional, quality, solidarity and responsible tool to promote personal development and improve occupation and employability.

Suanity is a personalized health programs company, surged in 2015 by Suara Coopeartiva in partnership with Grupo Init. Accompanies the person in health management during different stages in life, providing personalized services according to his needs. Focusing on an active position of the person in relation to his health and the health of his family. Has a palliative attention program, a support program to oncological patients and a care program to chronic patients, to attend people at home. At 2015 acquires Paliaclinic, a society formed by medical, nursing and psychology staff, with a long home and palliative care career of nine years.

Creixen Educació is a second grade cooperative promoted by Escola Sant Gervasi Cooperativa, Suara Cooperativa and Abacus Cooperativa who wants to start up a quality and vanguard school model, to respond to the formative needs of the country. Creixen Educació was born with the goal to create a referent schools network in Catalonia to obtain success results in a human and academic level, and to reinforce the cooperativism in the educational system. Goar School of Viladecans (Baix Llobregat) is a school of Creixen.

Serproen is a Company who was founded in 1977 in Chile and offers integral services of home hospitalization and home care, in addition to services under an agreement with pharmacy laboratories and health providers. Serproen joins Suara Cooperativa in December 2014, through the partnership with Etxekide, Gryphus Wealth Management and Alonso Balaguer. The future creation of a foundation will allow to reinforce the public-private partnership in the attention to older people.