This question, formulated from different points of view, was the basis of the reflection and debate that took place on October 16 at the annual conference of the Observatori Dona Empresa i Economia (Observatory of Women, Business and the Economy) of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

Many speakers addressed the topic from theoretical or practical perspectives. Pilar Almagro's brilliant speech left the audience speechless. I hope we will soon be able to read it on the Observatori's website.

However, I would like to comment on Alessandro Rancati's presentation under the title Ubuntu ("I am because we are"). He uses the Pavlovian simile to point out that men and women today "salivate" in front of concepts such as money, growth and competitiveness. What new concepts in this new future scenario, new paradigm according to Rancati are the ones that have to replace these "salivating" stimuli?

  • Replace money with individual and collective motivation.
  • Replace economic growth with intellectual growth, experiential growth.
  • Replace competition (zero-sum games, I win, you lose) with positive-sum games, sum of ideas.

If any annual conference is a must-attend event for our neural tissue to regenerate, I assure you that these are the ones led by Anna Mercadé, una mujer apasionada y apasionada.

Àngels Cobo. Director of Communication, Marketing and Innovation at Suara.