Children's literature is a tool full of possibilities to enrich and help the integral development of children in early childhood: with the aim of working on children's creativity and imagination and enhancing their use of oral language, the Los Cascabeles de Manlleu municipal nursery school, managed by Suara Cooperativa, incorporates children's literature in the different classrooms of the center.

Resources such as stories, poetry, couplets, riddles or set phrases allow the teachers to create moments of dialogue and meeting to strengthen the bonds of relationship, while awakening in the students a taste for first readings. Likewise, the story transports them to magical worlds full of fantasy and characters that help children to better understand the world around them and puts them in contact with their immediate environment.

"The story of the week".

One of the projects through which the Los Cascabeles nursery works with children's literature is "The story of the week", an initiative with very positive results aimed at children from 2 to 3 years old: every week the project discovers a new story to the little ones , who interact with the narration, create predictions and anticipating the events of the story, while also boosting their attention and memorization skills.

Along with "The story of the week", the center's educational team has worked on the creation of other resources such as "The lantern of silence", "The apron of poetry" or "The box of couplets". These proposals allow the youngest children to enter the world of literature and introduce them to reference authors such as Miquel Martí Pol, Joana Raspall, Miquel Desclot or Josep Carner, whose work offers topics of interest to children and refers them to their immediate environment.

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