Communication within companies is becoming increasingly important. Organizations, whatever their type, are becoming more aware over time of how important it is to manage information well. And calls such as the Communication Cabinets Awards of the College of Journalists contribute a lot to value the management of business communication.

At Suara, we believe that internal communication is essential for three basic reasons:

THE COOPERATIVE MODEL: More than 900 of Suara's 3,000 professionals are members. In order to make decisions that affect the company, they will have a high level of information.
TERRITORIAL DISPERSION: These more than 3,000 professionals work on more than 200 projects spread over 17 Catalan counties.
THE WORK TEAMS: They are of very diverse formats and it is necessary to look for formulas that reinforce the perception of teamwork.

That is why in 2012 we launched EspaiSuara, a virtual platform that we understand to be much more than a conventional intranet due to the high levels of participation it offers to all users and which is conceived as a social network tailored to the cooperative. Participation was a requirement that was raised by the Governing Council, the representative body of the cooperative's assembly.

EspaiSuara is a real meeting point for all the people who work in the cooperative, whatever their professional profile and job position. As defined by Suara's Communication Director, Ángeles Cobo, EspaiSuara is a platform where "we do not inform but communicate with everyone".

It is a tool based on participation that only makes sense if users really make a participatory use of it. And at EspaiSuara, this requirement is fulfilled. That is why we understand that this is not only an award in the Area of Communication, Marketing and Innovation, but a recognition to the whole cooperative and all its professionals, who really are the ones who give meaning to EspaiSuara.

V Communication Cabinets Awards Ceremony | Photo Gallery | © Anna Mas (CPC)

More information on the website of Suara Cooperativa: "Suara receives the award for the Best Internal Communication Strategy".

Jordi Masnou. Communication Manager of Suara Cooperativa