Now yes, now I have seen that we are indeed in a change of era and how it can become the era that awaits us. I felt it and experienced it at the conference organized on October 16 by the Observatorio Mujer Empresa Economía of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

The process in which we are immersed could be compared to the process that a silkworm goes through to become a butterfly. This is how Rosana Agudo explained it in her presentation "The challenge of a world in full transformation". In other words, Pepa Ninou, Head of the National Values Plan, said that we must banish the old paradigm that only leaves us empty and give value to life.

We cannot continue with the "so much you have, so much you are worth", "consume all you can", "do not worry about what you leave to future generations", "the end justifies the means" .... We must return to the dormant potentialities: from having to being, from one's own good to the common good, from tactics to ethics?

All the reflections and contributions pointed to a different way of doing, of understanding, of living the economy and the company. And what is more important: we have a unique opportunity to be direct actors, to participate, to influence the construction of the new era.

The feminine energy of men and women must be the driving force behind this new era.

Ángeles Cobo, Director of Communication, Marketing and Innovation, Suara