We have probably been told many times that we have to separate our personal life from our professional life. We could ask ourselves: Are our behaviors so different inside and outside the work environment? Does our personality change whether we are at home or at work? You will agree that we are the same people, wherever we are. What really changes is the role we develop in one place or another. A role that makes us have to bring into play different transversal competencies.

We are social beings, with basic needs to build relationships and personal bonds that provide us with security, confidence, self-esteem, stability, growth, etc. We can therefore affirm that each of us "is what we are" thanks to what we have received and have been able to give to others.

It is important to stop and see what weight our personal relationships have, to measure how much time we dedicate. How we distribute the hours on the clock.

In the business world we hear about "creating ecological work environments", that is to say the development of a whole series of policies that take people into account. What should be a no-brainer becomes an innovative idea!

What should be simple ends up becoming an art:

_Give value to others.
Recognize their work.
Dedicate time to them.
Take emotions into account.
Recollect their ideas.

A few days ago I read a book by Ferran Ramón-Cortes that I recommend: "La química de las relaciones" (2013, Pórtico). As the author says: "Relationships are created, destroyed and, inevitably, they transform us (...) so that we grow as professionals and as people in relation to others".

Our profession of caring for people entails from time to time a "reboot" to rebuild the way we relate to others and to ourselves.

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Miquel Moré, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Suara Cooperativa