After an Extraordinary General Assembly of members like the one we held on Saturday, November 28 in Barcelona, it is necessary to stop and look at things. Above all, it is necessary to do it in order not to fall into the simplicity of analyzing it only from the point of view of the positive aspects or to stay only with those that seem to us that they have not been good enough. The vision in each of the cases would be biased and would not help us to grow as a collective. What moves 651 people to attend an assembly that we already know will not have any explicit vote?

Talking to members, we found the following explanations:

  • The strong feeling of belonging to the cooperative.
  • The need to see each other, to build together
  • The sense of co-responsibility

It seems to me that there is no need for more reasons: these are the legs that support the cooperative. For those of us who are now in charge of leading it, it is important to answer ourselves what makes it so. And the answers are complemented by what we said above:

  • True co-responsibility: sharing successes and failures, challenges for the future, counting on others at all times.
  • Honesty and clarity in our message so that we can be challenged and continue to improve.
  • Demanding of ourselves
  • Trust in each and every one of the members who are part of this great conglomerate that we must continue to fit together.

No make-up or false promises. The General Assembly of Suara, once again, made us a mirror of what is really important: to continue working as we have been doing so far, feeling that each of us is important because we are moving forward. Whatever our future may be, we want to face it together, having a very clear premise: we will act in favor of what guarantees the common good over the individual. This is the key to everything that sustains us, and once again, in Saturday's Assembly we were able to prove it.

Montserrat Pujol. President of the Governing Council of Suara Cooperativa