I like to travel, but the trip we took to the Basque Country this summer was no ordinary trip. A business trip? A pleasure trip? Probably a combination of both. Often when I travel I think of the many people around me that I would like to be with me at that moment. This time it was like that too. I have thought of many people from Suara. I have thought about the professionals who accompany me day by day. I thought about how lucky I am to be part of this project and of the Innovation Impulse Group.

A lot of things, ideas, suggestions, proposals that I don't know how I could make them reach them. How could I transmit what I am experiencing, explain and share with the people of Suara? These lines are just a first impression. The most summarized and for me the most relevant.

3 ideas that I take with me from the projects we have met:

  • Diversify (projects, challenges, services, ...). Let's consider the possibility of doing other things and in other ways.
  • Illusion + Innovation. Illusion moves us, I am convinced. Innovation too.
  • Capabilities. We have them and we can. Our experience throughout our trajectory proves it to us. However, it is up to us to go a little further. Let's take a risk!

But out of all of them, if I had to choose one of the experiences I would keep, it would be the welcome from the projects we visited (Lantegi Batuak, Innobasque and Grupo Gureak) and above all from my travel companions. So much is where you come from, so much is your position. You are or are part of the Suara cooperative and that is what counts. There are no positions, no hierarchy, no differences. We are professionals eager to know, to listen, to learn and to improve. Thank you very much for the opportunity. For the moments of conversation. For the reflections, illusions and ideas that we shared during these days.

And finally, we are leading the new times instead of waiting for them to arrive. Let us be the cooperative of reference in Catalonia in the service of attention to people and who knows if some other type of sector or services.

Monica Arribas. Director of the school El Pequeño Montgrí (Torroella de Montgrí).