ÀNGELS COBO. Suara Cooperativa Member

Suara’s member Àngels Cobo started working in people care over 35 years ago. A long road who has enable her to achieve experience in a wide variety of services. During her professional career at Suara she has worked as a Marketing and Communication Manager. The Cooperative set to her the challenge to be general manager of Suara in 2015, and she recognize having acquired a lot of knowledge through this experience.

As a Digital Transformation Office Manager at Suara, Àngels considers that digitalization it’s no longer a future question. Digitalization is part of our day to day and it’s important to ask ourselves if we are using and ethic technology who respects social values. Àngels is passionate about crime novel and reading, and she considers herself a proactive person, one of the reasons why she has worked in so many different fields inside the Cooperative. Do you want to know her life story?