Sílvia Ale. Suara Cooperativa Member

Silvia Ale was born in the city of La Plata, Argentina, and it’s now nearly 20 years since she decided to live in Catalonia, where her sister and her nephews also reside. She has been working as a family worker in Suara for more than 6 years, specifically at the Home Care Service of Barcelona, in the Maternitat neighborhood. During the pandemic, she could see how strong are their co-workers and how important is to work in teams to go ahead.

Silvia is volunteer of Red Cross for many years. She did some solidarity trips to Senegal and Morocco, supporting the most vulnerable groups. Her experience in care of people is very large and diverse, and she recognizes that her commitment to help people is naturally vocational. The member of Suara currently lives at Mataró, close to the beach. This natural environment allows her to disconnect from her daily routine and to fill herself with energy to share it with the people attended. Do you want to know her life story?