ECAS, FEDAIA and FEPA, of which Suara is a member and works with more than 3,500 adolescents and migrant youth alone, have created an alliance to improve the protection system and services and supports and to achieve full inclusion in society as citizens with rights and duties. The three federations claim to move from emergency management to planning, with a preventive vision and with the necessary resources, regulating the resources activated during the emergency in the Social Services Portfolio.

"The migratory phenomenon is structural, global and has come to stay there," said Loli Rodríguez, ECAS spokesman. For this reason, Pilar Núñez, a spokesman for FEDAIA, recalled that social entities "need strong and continuing economic resources that will give us stability and legal security." The entities have also called for "greater involvement and coordination of the different departments of the Generalitat, a closer collaboration with the local Authorities and more dialogue with the Spanish State."

The alliance aims to ensure that "the Government assumes its responsibilities and exercises the leadership that corresponds to it from the point of view of competences and resources," for Ferran Rodríguez, FEPA spokesman, has pointed out. The entities also want to guarantee a single protection system and comprehensive care with personalized itineraries that respond to all the needs of the person (food, housing, education, training, etc.). The joint positioning document has the support of the Third Sector Board and the Third Sector Business Confederation.